DNC a Bust!!

Sorry I haven’t updated my DNC diary, but it turns out there really wasn’t much to write about. My commute for the entire week was fine. I only saw one celebrity, Janet Reno. The whole thing was kind of disappointing.

The only thing exciting that happened this week was my visit to the dentist, where he told me I had to have one of my wisdom teeth pulled. It had been sore since eating at the Upper Crust on Tuesday and only got worse. On Wednesday night I woke up in the middle of the night in sever pain and knew I had to go to the doctor the next day. After changing my Primary Care Dentist, I was able to be seen free of charge. He took one look at my rotten tooth and said bacteria had gone down through it and infected below the root. Next he said that I could have it taken out that day, but I said I would have to wait until next week because of my move on Saturday. The look on his face said I was crazy for waiting, but I wasn’t psychologically ready to have my tooth removed before I went back to work for the day. So now on Tuesday at 11AM they will use some Novacaine and rip my tooth out. In preparation I have taken off a couple of days next week for recovery. Yes I am a wuss and I am not afraid to admit it.

Now the weekend is here and my tooth is a bit sore, but it won’t stop me from moving to Somerville. Hopefully everything will be moved in there by the afternoon so I can go down to Plymouth and watch some sailing. Fingers crossed of course.

Have a great weekend y’all,