I don’t really have much to say, but do want to say Yoplait White Chocolate Rasberry yogurt is the best. I used to think the Cherry flavor was the best, but I stand corrected. Today was a great day, my most interesting experiences came when I tried to get a passport. I went to Old Town Photo for the picture and the guy was just weird. He told the guy in front of me his picture was perfect and then when mine was ready he said, “Your’s is good.” Turns out I was half smiling and it looks like I had a stroke or something.

On the bright side the girl working the counter was very good looking, out of my league, but still nice to look at. Is that shallow? Next was to go to the passport office and as Marisa and I were looking for the entrance this guy tells us the first entrance we tried is the place for passports, but we hadn’t said a thing about it. He then said he is the passport guy. Bottom line with this guy was that he spoke a million words a minute and couldn’t file my paper work because I didn’t have the proper birth certificate. I have since picked up a proper BC thanks to my mom and will submit my application tomorrow. It’s a lot of work to travel abroad, but it is also very exciting.

Okay thats it!