Florida Vacation Nearly Complete

Florida Vacation Part Two

Well it is now Sunday and I am sitting at Orlando International Airport at Gate 102 waiting for our 8:30 flight to Baltimore and then on to Manchester. It feels good to be connected to the rest of the world again. Since I last wrote we stayed with Jennifer’s grandparents in Leesburg for a couple nights. They had never met Kaleb and were so excited to get to spend time with him. It turns out our timing for a vacation couldn’t have been better because Kaleb has been walking now more than ever. It is now officially is preferred means of transportation. The transformation became apparent while in Leesburg, where he just walked everywhere. Its very exciting and so nice to be able to go walking somewhere outside and not having to carry him.

After Leesburg we drove all the way to the Atlantic side of Florida and spent the afternoon with Meme. She gave us a walking tour of the clubhouse and fed us a yummy chicken lunch with her classic mashed potatoes. Unfortunately we had only budgeted a few hours and had to head back towards Orlando to check in to the hotel right near the airport. We ordered room service for the first time which was really nice when compared to eating in a restaurant with a baby.

Now we are at the airport calmly waiting for our plane. In only a few hours we will be back up north.