Middle of the Day

Random Boston Pictures including tearing down the Central Artery, a giant ship and other pictures of Boston. I just decided to post some pictures because well I can if I want to.

Its been quite a thrilling day hear at work. Earlier in the day some guy bought ten pizzas and randomly handed them out to different groups of people. I don’t know who he was since he doesn’t work in our group, but I thought it was really nice. The people ate them all, but I just wasn’t sure about taking free pizzas and it turns out my restraint paid off because almost everybody who ate the pizzas got sick. Now I don’t know if they were poisoned or what, but it really seems suspicious to me. The people were running around like crazy and yakking in trash barrels, it was like a scene out of a zombie movie. Sadly enough I didn’t take pictures because, well, it just seemed wrong. So be aware of a random pizza delivery guy giving out free pizzas, they might upset your stomach a little bit. Very strange!!!