Isn't he cute

The squirrel above nearly attacked Vanessa in the park yesterday. We were sitting eating lunch and all of a sudden he hopped up on the park bench begging for food. It was great for me because I could take such a great picture. We saw lots of wildlife yesterday as can be seen in the slideshow.

I was annoyed yesterday because my hopes of a new job at State Street faded before my eyes. I received an email from the hiring manager yesterday saying I was Over-Qualified for the Application Developer I position, but I might be qualified for the Application Developer II position. I replied back with my SQL Server experience and received an email from her late in the day saying I was Under-Qualified for the Application Developer II position. So what the hell does that me. I feel like Goldilocks, this job was too easy and this job was too hard, but what job is just right. I did reply back with some sarcasm about whether or not they have an Application Developer 1.5 position which would be just right for me.

BoCaNO was great last night especially because of this girl sitting at a table next to us. I kept getting up to let people out to go to the bathroom (btw what was the deal with Mark and Kate going to the bathroom at the same time, not once but twice) and the girl kept smiling at me. Now the catch was that she was with this old guy, but I don’t know whether he was her dad, teacher or friend. So I didn’t just get up and talk to her, right before she left she looked at me again and smiled and headed off into the sunset. Aargh, WTF!! I guess its time for a Second Chances.

The commute this morning was delightful thanks to the downpouring rain. I was soaked and had to sit in the middle of a three seater on the train. I almost forgot my T pass on the train, but for some reason my brain registered that it was missing and I went back to my seat and grabbed it. Phew!! I finally caught a subway train after letting one pass because it was full. I sat down and enjoyed the ride until DTX and when I tried to get off the train I was caught on something. I looked down and the guy next to me had sat on one of the cords on my jacket. I asked him to move and finally made my way to work. Jeepers what a strange trip it was.

Oh I almost forgot when you are looking at the pictures towards the end are some BoCaNO pictures and in one of them is a guy in the background with a shirt that had “NO PANTIES” on the back. I got a picture for all you Collage kids to see because I know you would think it was Classic!!! Later y’all.