It's a Little Cold

January 9th is here again and that means one thing Dave Matthews birthday. Yep thats right he turned 37 today and in honor of the day performed Some Devil for the first time on live television on the Today show. Okay that’s all about that.

I came to the conclusion this morning that Bostonians are insane. The temperature this morning at Logan Airport was 2 degrees, which means at some point it must have been below zero at the airport which is usually warmer because of the water. If this doesn’t inspire somebody to move to a warmer climate, I don’t know what will for you.

Last night I picked Vanessa up at the airport and if you have never met somebody in Terminal C at Logan Airport, you have to wait at the bottom of an escalator until they arrive. So you stand there and get to see feet and then pants and then finally see the person’s face. It is actually hilarious because you think it is the person you are waiting for and then, NOPE, wrong sex. Its like a game where you tried to envision what they might be wearing and then look at each pair of shoes wondering if it is the person. Its harder to do than it sounds.

Vanessa Comes Back Home Check out some cool shots from The Roost in The ‘Bury. Very fancy.

btw No skiing this weekend, not with a high temperature of 3 degrees tomorrow. I like skiing, but not enough to ski in sub zero temperatures. So I will be enjoying the weekend in the warmth of my Salem apartment.