Another Fever

It snowed again on Friday, which is kind of crazy considering it was March 28, but I guess that is New England. The weekend was just all-around chilly and not your typical spring weekend. We did brave the chilly weather on Sunday and took Kaleb to the park and the beach. Unfortunately he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t really enjoy either place.

We then came home and confirmed that he had another fever, his third in three months. At one point his temperature was up around 104, but was only their briefly. Similar to last time his temperature went up and down based on the medicine we gave him. The fever continued for Sunday night, through Monday and into Monday evening. Luckily when we woke up this morning he was feeling much better and was himself again. It is really sad when he is sick because he just sleeps and mopes around all day. It helps you really appreciate how much fun he is when he isn’t sick though.

Tomorrow I am doing the babysitting and the current plan is to go to Boston to get a copy of Kaleb’s birth certificate. I decided we will take the train in because it will be a good test of how well he may do on the plane when we go to Florida in a few weeks. I will be sure to update after are trip.

Here are some photos:

Wintery Spring Weekend