Google Videos Take Off

I know I never update and that is just something I have to accept for the time being. However I wanted to thank you all for the recent surge in viewings of my videos on Google Video. I have had 66 total views of my three movies. Its cool that people are actually going online and looking at those things. It is all the inspiration I need to do some more.

While I am here I will let you know what I have been up to lately. On Friday night I joined Mark, Kate and Amy at Jennie’s Art Exhibition. It was a good time and there was a huge Su Doku bulletin board of countries which we managed to finish the puzzle. The next morning Jennifer and I woke up and drove down to Connecticut. Saturday night we went to Jennifer’s 10 year reunion and had a fantastic time. Unlike my reunion, where Jennifer didn’t know any of my classmates, I knew a whole bunch of her friends and their boyfriends so it was great.

Yesterday we went to a flea market in the morning and then drove home in the afternoon. I did get the chance to clean my car, which looks fantastic right about now. We bought a new table last week, which is huge, but unfortunately the chairs we had don’t match the table so we went and bought some cheap chairs at KMart. So I had the fun job of putting the four chairs together and they look really great.

Okay until next time.