New TV

We recently completed our taxes and as originally discussed we bought a new HD TV for the living room. I researched for a couple days and settled upon an older Sony 40” LCD 1080p TV. I went and picked it up at Circuity City and also bought the new cables necessary for improved resolution on the Wii. Setting it up was very easy and it was even able to find some HD programming which was a huge surprise since we don’t even have a digital cable box yet. Of course we only get the major networks at the current time, but it is enough to satisfy my thirst for HD programming for the time being.

Jennifer was slightly impressed with it up until tonight. However, now she is amazed because we are watching the Oscar winning animated short of “Peter and the Wolf” and the quality is unbelievable. You can see the smallest details with everything.

I have been super excited about everything, especially the Wii now that we can use it in wide-screen format. Super Mario Galaxy is amazing and makes for a completely new gaming experience. I have only played around with it so far but look forward to really going crazy and playing for hours on end in the near future.

For those of you concerned about it possibly tipping over on Kaleb, well it came with a special strap which screws into the entertainment center so it won’t be able to tip over, the entertainment center itself also has a large set of counter weights to prevent it from toppling over.

So far I think this has been one of the best investments we could have made. Now I just have to convince Jennifer that we need an Apple TV.