Bull in a China Shop

I have to add one more thing about the humid weather, I noticed it the other night while coming back from the gym. The humidity somehow causes the smell of the river and ocean to spread freely. All you have to do is come within ten miles of the ocean and you can smell it. Just an interesting fact, depending on the river and the tides it can be good or bad.

Last night I had to bring my car in for its 30,000 mile service, I know, I know, 32,000 miles in nine months is crazy, hey so I like to drive. I pulled into the dealership and immediately noticed a lack of Volkswagens. Could they possibly have sold all of them or did they just decide to only sell Mazdas? My question was quickly answered when I saw the sign saying the VW part of the dealership had moved. I jumped in the car and found the new place, but seriously who it would have been nice if they told me when I made my appointment. Bottom line the car is all set to go.

Oh by the way I did shave today, I am sure that will please many people. Apparently I am just not meant to have facial hair. You know it is bad when people actually comment on it before you get rid of it. The honesty is great, because there is nothing worse than getting a haircut and then your friends say how glad they are you finally changed your hair style. I guess I really didn’t give it a chance and maybe should have waited another week or so, but I think it is easier this way.

Have a great day,