The Man Tightens the Noose

As if my week hadn’t started off bad enough, I try to log on to at work and it comes up as a restricted site. So I try to log on using some third party software, but it is also blocked. In recent weeks work has really cut back on the number of sites we are allowed to access and they have now blocked one of my favorites. It must have been about six ago when they first took away our access to AOL mail, which we were able to bypass temporarily, but now I can only check it using some terrible SMTP mail server in Microsoft Outlook. I am at the point now where I want to email the LAN admins and say well you’ve done away with, so you might as well get rid of also. I want to know who makes the decision about what we can and cannot access. I do understand that they have every right to limit our what we can see since they do own the computers, but it is terrible for them to pick and choose based on what some LAN admin thinks is disgraceful. They are so elusive in that little room and will never just come out with the truth. Just today I asked one of them about some technical issues we were having and from her reaction you would think I was Mulder researching an X file. She said if I send her an email she would forward it on to the right people, so I asked her if I could have the address and she said she doesn’t think that would be possible. WTF?!?! Yes I know I am venting, but they are also the reason the expenses have not been running on time, although they complete deny any issues are there fault. All I have to say is when I get a Disk I/O Error from something on the network drive it has nothing to do with my application. Ahhhhhhhhh, I am so annoyed.

Mark Catches a Big Fish

Here are four parts to a rather entertaining movie:
Mario Movie Part 1
Mario Movie Part 2
Mario Movie Part 3
Mario Movie Part 4