What a Weekend?

I had a rather busy weekend. On Saturday I went shopping in the morning and then came home and helped our landlord cut a limb off the tree in front of the house. I took a nap and then met Andy in Davis Square. We went over the Jillian’s on Landsdowne street to watch the Penn State game. It was a great game and I was surprised to see all of the PSU fans in Boston. I estimate that there were around 100 fans at the bar. After each touchdown the place would erupt with cheering followed by a repeat cheer. After the game I went home and did a bunch of laundry and dishes.

On Sunday Andy and I went up to climb Mt. Tripyramid. The hike started off really well and was pretty easy until we turned on to the Mt. Tripyramid Loop trail. We crossed a river and then struggled through six inches of snow and poorly marked trails for about forty five minutes before getting to the hard part of the hike. We finally got to the bottom of the north face of the mountain which was a trail straight up the steepest side of the mountain. Since it was the north face the snow was really deep, which when combined with the steepness made for a difficult ascent. We struggled up the side of the mountain and finally made it to the top of the slide an hour or so later. We continued up what we thought was the trail only to find it was a dead end. After scrambling back down a little we found the actual trail and were at the top within 15 minutes. Once at the top I quickly took off one of my wet boots and warmed my toes in my fleece vest. They warmed up a little, but were still a little numb when we set off back down the mountain. The trail we descended on was much easier than the trail on the way up. It was a really tough hike, but I definitely feel like I earned that 4000 footer.

Photos and a podcast to come later in the day.