Late Night Radio

Yep thats a great David Gray song and for some reason just popped in my head. I am slowly becoming a night person and can’t seem to figure out why. Here’s a list
Reasons for my new sleep schedules:
1) Ski weekends keep me up until very late at night.
2) No car means I can walk to the train whenever I want to.
3) It gets dark so soon I don’t know when I am supposed to sleep anymore.
4) Internet at home allows me to chat until all hours of the night.
5) Skiing means I have to do more errands during the week.
6) The collage kids schedule is contagious.

Whatever the reason I am not sure whether I like it or not. So here I sit writing something to waste away more time tonight, but also to save me time in the morning at work. I am tired tonight from doing the other half of my laundry and from going through my 6600 pictures trying to narrow them down for my Ofoto Christmas. I am slowly getting there the number is now around 240 pictures, its hard because each one is like my baby and nobody should have to live through a Sophie’s Choice situation.