The Wait Is Over

I am finally updating my LJ after a little bit of a break. So as you would guess I skied this weekend (now there’s a shocker). Of course it was exhausting, but my tele skills continue to improve. I made the long drive home, which I realized takes as long as the drive to Orono. It seems so long back then and now I do it every weekend. Crazy how things change huh?

Upon returning home I quickly prepared for my little Oscar get together. I got two pizzas ready to go and made some nachos. Ryan and Britt came over and topped their own pizzas. The nachos were less than fantastic, but the pizza was very good. We filled out some Oscar ballots I had printed and it made the night much more exciting. I ended up picking 19 out of 24 awards. It wasn’t enough to get in the highest scoring range on the ballot, but I think its damn good. After the Oscars, Ryan left and I wasn’t very tired so I just kind of hung out with Britt for a while. However I quickly tired and got some much needed rest. Waking up and seeing the temperature in the forties was very inspirational and I was able to finally wear a lighter jacket to work. Unfortunately work was very busy and I wasn’t able to go outside at all and actually enjoy the nice weather. However the taste of it this morning has me prepared for the spring and summer.

I came home tonight and practiced guitar for a couple hours. Britt made me a CD with some good songs for me to learn and I have already made some progress with a couple of them. I am quickly increasing my possible setlists which is very exciting. Okay I know this is beginning to become erratic so I will stop here and go to bed.