Yeah I don't know what this is all about

So yeah I just emailed out a resume to some company for some job that is somewhere thats not here. I don’t know exactly how thats going to turn out, but I hope that it turns out well, because I can’t stand this place anymore. I only wish I had more web skills than I do, but since my current job is against taking steps to improve the situation and move towards more web base applications I am forced to learn my new skills at home. However, since most of my time at home is spent playing the guitar or learning to cook or skiing, I don’t have time to work on developing web things aside from this silly livejournal, of course. I hope you will all cross your fingers and pray for me, because I really want a new job. If I don’t get out of here soon I am going to put all my money into a musical career and will then need to start a new guitar fund, because I am in need of a good Taylor guitar instead of the crappy, never heard of brand I currently own. Actually how about we just start a new guitar fund for me right now. Is there anybody willing to donate to my new guitar fund, it will probably cost about six hundred dollars, I am willing to accepts donations in lieu of any birthday gifts this year. I figure if I can get sixty people to donate ten dollars each I will be on my way. Okay I am going to go and set up a Paypal account in preparation of all your kind donations. Maybe I will make it like an IPO and you can buy shares in me. Hmmmmmmmm. You will have to be silent partners though since I need total artistic control of my music.