I don’t have much time for an entry, but here is how yesterday went. Beach was great, it was fun to watch Vanessa experience our chilly waters for the first time. After the beach we went back to the house and ended up watching the video Britt and I shot while on the drive home from Florida. We were going to go to Prince Restaurant, but instead went to the Hilltop Steakhouse. It was a really Ryot there, with several fun pictures. It is one of the few remaining restaurants where they actually serve you bread and butter. They gave me a whole cows worth of steak tips, but they were very yummy. The day was concluded with a stop at Putnam Pantry for some create-your-own sundaes. Haha, so much laughing going on there. Especially from the discreet theft of soda.

Haha, well it looks like I am going to the Mixfest this year. Well actually let me say I have tickets to Mixfest, since the last two times I had tickets I didn’t use them (9/11 and hiking). However I think I will make it this year. The artists so far include: Jason Mraz, Train, Vertical Horizon, Dido, Tori Amos, Michelle Branch and BNL. I have a feeling that one of my three fav’s will also be added to the bill (John, David, or Dave) we’ll have to see though.

Time to do some work.