A Couple Firsts

Kaleb had a couple of firsts over the last few days. The first first was eating solid food. I think it was the Fourth of July, we mixed up a little breast milk and rice cereal for him. He didn’t really eat it very well and most of it ended up on his bib, but we are confident at least a little bit made it to his little stomach. We have since continued solids every night and he gets a little better at each feeding.

The other first occurred today and it was his first boat ride. We were invited to Liz’s birthday party which was on Georges Island in Boston Harbor. So we met down near Christopher Columbus park and boarded the boat. Kaleb didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary, but I would say he enjoyed seeing all of that water. It was a first for me too, I had never been to Georges Island. The island was pretty cool and at one point I wandered off and checked out the cool fort on the island. It was a really great day and another successful first for Kaleb.

More details later. Be sure and check out the actual album and view the album view for the Georges Island trip.

Stay cool out there, a heat wave is on the way.