Green Shirt Day

So this girl checked me out today, but I don’t really think so. Amanda keeps telling me it was the case, but I only looked over at her because she was talking to herself and I found that rather strange. If she was it was probably because I had on the famouse bright green shirt, if you haven’t seen it think Kermit green. I wore it for Julie who says it is her favourite shirt I own. I could think of some other shirts I like better, but its all about pleasing the ladies isn’t it folks.

I watched the VMA’s (Video Music Awards) with Britt last night and it was hilarious, well at least watching with Britt and the commercials were, as for the show itself I thought it was rather lame. They should call it the Random Outrageous Act and Rap Award show for videos based on star power as opposed to actually video content. First of all as much as I enjoyed Britney and Madonna kissing, why did they need to do that. The every award seemed to be for a rapper and they definitely did their share of performing. I have had enough of 50 cent, go away now you boring rapper. Finally why does MTV have a video music award show its not like they actually play videos anymore.

I found this Maddox Like Web Site today while searching for pictures of Kermit the Frog. He is a pretty cool character, I mean beside the fact that he dates Miss Piggy. Why the hell is that anyway? She is fat, mean and annoying, while he is so nice, quiet and super skinny. Somebody should talk to that frog about her and that silly collar thing he wears around his neck. You know the spiky looking thing, I don’t really know what it is. Most frogs don’t seem to have them in real life.