Over the Connecticut River and Through the Woods to Grandmother's Hous

Weekend in CT

Kaleb added Connecticut to his list of states visited over the weekend, when we went to the Riebe’s house. He was so good all weekend, he slept most of the time, including the car ride up and back. It was nice to get out of the house for a change and to spend the night in the suburbs, having somebody else watch the baby so we could sleep late was also nice. I finally managed to finish the Christmas DVD and also added two more slideshows to the original series of two. Next up is a podcast, which I haven’t been able to get to, but I am sure will be worth the wait.

We also received the home inspection over the weekend and were very pessimistic about the house. So today we arranged for Jon to go over and check it out for himself. I decided to leave work early, picked up Jennifer and Kaleb and we all went up to check out the house too. After a double check of all the items in the house inspection report it turned out that things weren’t as bad as they themed and wouldn’t require as much work as we originally thought. There are still a couple things left to take care of, including an estimate for fixes to the roof and a search for some building permits. Hopefully if all goes well we will be signing the purchase and sales agreement on Friday. Once that is done we are good to go, well once we get the mortgage squared away.

I have a really busy week ahead at work, but I think I will make it through unscathed. Work has been crazy lately, I did a ton of work this weekend on a demo, which will be taking place tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well.