Halfway There

So I did it and got a haircut tonight. John will be glad I didn’t do the typical “Keeg” cut. Unfortunately I am not going to have time to shave in the morning so that will probably have to wait until another day. However it is right around the corner, aside from it looking terrible I realized I will have to trim it often and the whole letting it grow thing was to avoid the shaving maintenance. So look for the nasty thing on my chin to disappear very soon.

Where in the world is Vanessa?
Now on to other things. I was chatting with Vanessa online yesterday and she was telling me a couple of places she plans on going tomorrow. So I decided I would try and see where these places are on the map. However I learned something, it is tough to find maps of other countries. I mean normally I would just go to mapquest.com, but it doesn’t work with The Netherlands. So my hunt began. I found a couple maps with little detail and to make things worse they caused a continuous barrage of pop up ads. I wish you could just look at a web page without twenty windows popping up. Anyway I finally came across this site Netherlands Map Vista. After a bit of searching and some googling I was able to find the address for the castle or Kasteel Well. Anyway, I did find it so click Where is Vanessa? and you will be magically taken to a map of Well, Netherlands. Now that I have found where she is in an effort to carry on yet another trait of my grandfather, I will be purchasing a world map and doing the good old pushpin thing, Gulf War I Lipinski style.

Oh yeah one more thing. After my hair cut tonight I did something I usually put off doing and then forget to do and that is USE A GIFT CERTIFICATE. For Christmas I received several gift cards like I often do, but always fail to use them. Either because I forget to use it or because I can’t think of the perfect thing to buy with it. Now I am not being ungrateful, but it is just tough for me to do use these things up. So I wandered around the store for a while looking for stuff and ended up buying a few DVD’s. Serendipity, High Fidelity and CKY4. I also bought a program to teach me guitar.