Expense Project Begins

It is official I have been given the go ahead to start the new expense project. Now of course I have mixed feelings because on one hand it will hopefully no longer be a problem. On the other hand I will be working hard for the next few months save the week and a half I am in Europe. It is exciting to finally have a big project to work on and hopefully I can take my time and do it correctly.
I forgot to mention yesterday I picked up my passport from my mom’s house. It only took three weeks, I was kind of nervous about it, but now I can rest easy and focus on the trip to come. My final plans are starting to shape up and it appears I will be hitting up Brugge on my few days there by myself. Oops I am not supposed to tell people I am traveling by myself, that is rule number one of Let’s Go Western Europe. It is going to be quite a learning experience and I can’t wait.

This evening was very productive for me. I cooked dinner, it wasn’t great, but I wasn’t up for making anything really, so I just settled for a grilled cheese. Next up was downloading music to my PC and then iPod. I then decided to do my taxes, which has me quite happy given my upcoming vacation and the DMB concerts I have to buy tickets for in the next few weeks. The chores continued with the dishes and finally concluded with ironing my clothes from this weekend. It is nice to have everything all organized and set so I can just come home and relax or go out or whatever I want for the rest of the week.

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