The 100th Day

Today the 100th day since Kaleb was born. Its hard to believe so many days have since that crazy day back in February. We didn’t really do anything special for the day, it was a weird day because of the weather forecast, which originally predicted rain for the day. It rained a little, but then it was sunny and then cloudy and then sunny and then clear. I had to do a lot of work so I was in most of the day, but we did get out for a couple hours and ate lunch at Panera. We also went for an evening walk over to Andy’s house to visit with him for a little while. On the way home we stopped by Auntie M’s for a couple minutes and now we are home.

Oh yeah one more thing…last night we were sound asleep and then all of a sudden Kaleb lets out a squeal, not a cry but a squeal. Jennifer and I were both startled awake and looked over at him. He was jabbering away over there, and after a closer look he was wide awake. Once the lights were on we could see that he was just having a grand old time entertaining himself, talking, kicking and swinging his arms. It was hilarious, but made sense since he had slept most of the day before.