Late Rainy Night

I have had more then a few complaints due to my lack of entries. In my experience whenever you don’t update at least a couple times a week your readership drops of dramatically. Unfortunately, my friends and family haven’t discovered the joy of RSS feeds, which allow you to get a subscription to my blog and whenever an update is made it is delivered to your reader. Check out and this video:

I have been using the google reader for about four months and I love it. I have signed up for all sorts of feeds including: Eastern Essex County weather alerts, Tampa Bay Devil Rays news, Dave Matthews fan site news, Apple daily news just to name a few. The more you get the harder it is to keep up, but it sure beats going from one website to the next. Here is the feed for my LJ:

Okay I will now stand down from my soapbox and return to your regularly scheduled program. Kaleb will be 8 months old in less than a week, my how the time flies by. He is definitely turning into his own little person, a very quiet and timid little one, who seems to have his parents wrapped around his finger. You will see if you spend more than a couple hours with us that we “coddle” him a little too much and never hesitate to pick him up if he starts fussing. We aren’t the strictest of parents and I think it is going to possibly bite us in the butt in the near future. Even now we are starting to feel the pain in the early evening after we put him down, he wakes up every two hours, whines and slams his feet down until we go pick him up. Once he is on your should he falls right back to sleep and then the real challenge comes, putting him down. If you don’t wait long enough he will wake right up and you are back at square one. He also has a knack for waking up just as we are heading off to bed, and by that point we are both too tired to go through the motions and we just bring him into bed. It seems that as long as this continues he is never going to sleep through the night.

Developmentally he is doing very well, although he has been extremely quiet the last week, very different compared to his jabbery couple weeks. It is very strange how his chattiness goes in cycles. Walking around (assisted) is still his favorite thing behind going outside in his Bjorn. Today he actually pulled himself up from a sitting to standing position for the first time. It was kind of awkward because he used my guitar for leverage, but it is all he can really use given his height of 2’ 2”. His sitting skills get stronger and stronger each day and now he rarely tips over. He still doesn’t crawl, mostly because he hates being on his stomach and is really good at rolling over.

I have been watching him the last couple days and he has been great. Today we went in to Jennifer’s school to visit the kids and then went down to CaseNET. He slept for most of the car ride and behaved wonderfully at both places.

Okay I have to get back to work. Hopefully I will put up some photos soon. btw I got an iPod Touch and I love it!!!