Full Fall Weekend

Jennifer’s birthday was Sunday, but to celebrate she set up an evening with some of friends on Friday night. We all met at the Rockbottom Brewery and enjoyed a nice dinner, despite the hard bread. It was a fun time and very relaxed just as Jennifer hoped. On Saturday we went to Elizabeth’s wedding up in Ipswich. It was a rather rainy day, but didn’t take away from the festivities. The reception was fantastic, as soon as we walked in we were offered the option of signing the guest book or a baseball. Next we grabbed our place card, which had a baseball card on the back directing us to the correct table. The baseball theme was evident throughout and gave a very playful feeling to the day.

After the wedding we came home and barely made it to nine o’clock before running off to bed. We woke up early this morning because I was impatiently waiting to give Jennifer her birthday gift. She seemed to enjoy the bracelet and necklace, which made my day. We stayed in bed for a couple more hours and then went to breakfast at O’Naturals. I ended up doing a little work at the cafe and then we drove up to Amesbury for a little apple picking before the rains came. The fun filled weekend didn’t end there, we next moved on to my dad’s house and then on to my mom’s house. It was good to see the family although I was quickly fading.

We finally made it home at around six, when I realized I would be working for the evening. It was mostly busy work and it is all for a good cause, but I am exhausted right now.

Enjoy these photos.
AHS Soccer vs. Triton
Elizabeth’s Wedding
Apple Picking