Ahhhh Vacation!!!

Let me start by saying it was a lovely vacation. I won’t go into full details because it would be rather boring to everbody but here is a list of all of the places we went.
Day One: I-93 and Franconia Notch
Bought the new Mraz live CD.
Played a round of miniature golf. I came back from being down three strokes to win by one. Woohoo!!!
Clark’s Trading Post to see the bears.
Snuck into the Flume Gorge from the real hiking trails.
Bought sandwiches at some random sandwich shop, where the lady at the counter proceeded to give Jen a hard time about wheat bread and just how bad it was for you.
Ate lunch at the Basin while watching tourists from all over the globe.
Hiked up the Falling Brook trail to check out the cool waterfalls and warm up for the big hike on Day Two.
Ice cream at Dairy Queen.
Went to the house in Newry and tried to use my Somerville key on the door.
Ate dinner at Suds. As good as ever.
Day One Photos
Day Two: Mount Jefferson
Drove to the base of Mount Jefferson.
Hiked four hours up to Edwards col. A col is a low point between two ridges.
Made a push for the summit of the third highest peak in the Northeast. Elevation 5,716 feet.
Beautiful views from the top, with the exception being a few random clouds passing below us.
Long and somewhat tricky hike back down via the Castle trail.
Shopping at Shaw’s.
Pat’s Pizza for dinner.
Day Two Photos
Day Three: Camden
Woke up in Newry and drove two and a half hours East to the coast.
Saw the cleanest gas station bathroom ever.
Walked around Camden and had some lunch.
Checked in at the bed and breakfast.
Rested a bit before driving up to a mild hike.
Hiked up Mount Megunticook and enjoyed the views from the top. It was lovely.
Joyously hiked back down the mountain.
Cleaned up before a fantastic flatbread dinner at the Frogwater Cafe.
Spoke with a couple from Pennsylvania at the bed and breakfast before bed.
Woke up the next morning and had breakfast with an amazing array of people. Old married couples, newlyweds, a German guy, a couple from Malta, an expecting couple of from Boston and other people I didn’t get to meet.
Explored the shops of downtown Camden.
Drove around a looking for the Children’s Chapel. Finally found it to see the garden was beautiful, but the chapel was eh.
Southbound for Freeport.
Stood in line to get a piece of my backpack replaced for an hour or so.
Ate lunch and had Pesto for the first time. I think it would have been good if there wasn’t so much cilantro.
Took a drive up Mt. Agamenticus.
Couldn’t let go of the vacation and drove 1A along the coast.
Went to 39R so Jen could meet the family.
Of course mom wasn’t there so we waited and had dinner before going to Hodgies.
Finally got back to Somerville completely exhausted.
Day Three Photos

Day Five: Plymouth
Drove to Plymouth in the morning and hung out with Mark and Kate.
Talking and swimming at the Lafavers.
Ate lunch and fixed some computer problems.
Watched the race from the boat with Kate.
Mark finished fifth in a tough field of sailors.
I played guitar on the dock while Kate and Mark went to a meeting.
Ate dinner at BBC.
Drove back to Somerville, took the wrong exit and was slightly lost.
Went home unpacked and passed out, until my coughing woke me up twenty minutes later.
Sailboat Race on Long Pond Photos