Beautiful May Weekend

Just a quick post to sum up a beautiful weekend. We didn’t leave the house on Saturday and spent most of the day in the yard. Today was a different story and we went all over the place. We started at the Farmers market in Newburyport and then hurried back to Merrimac with a brief stop on Deer Island to check out some machine that is residing off shore. We met Cara and Jeff at the house and then went out for lunch with them at Hodgies. We came back so Kaleb could take his nap. After his nap we went to the beach for a great early evening adventure. Kaleb got a new velcro baseball glove so we actually played catch for the first time. We also spent quite a long amount of time climbing on the jetty and shooting water at each other by squeezing sea weed. We had beach pizza for dinner and ended the weekend on the back deck watching as the Space Shuttle and Space Station flew overhead. It is the last flight for Atlantis and I was glad Kaleb was able to see it although he was disappointed that he couldn’t see the wings or the spacemen.