Miss Me?

Hi everybod!!! Sorry I have been MIA recently, but I just haven’t had time to sit down and type one of these entries out. The last couple of weeks at work have been busy in preparation for our next release. Things are still going well at CaseNET, as long as I stay focused and on task I really love it. Besides work the only other thing that is going on in my life is preparation for July 2nd aka “Our Wedding Day” aka “A Real Difficult and Stressful Event to Plan For”. First let me be clear and say it isn’t really stressful for me and Jennifer is mostly bearing the weight of it all, but I indirectly feel the stresses of the event. Most of the stuff is already set except for the photographer, florist and cake, but there are also so many other things which are just plain annoying, like registering, building a guest list and trying to comprehend how much everything costs.

I have to address the whole registering thing first, because while this seems like a fun and easy task it really is the worst of all things involved in wedding preparation, in my opinion. We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond on Saturday and after about twenty minutes of looking around at bedding, we decided it was time to get one of the registry guns. Jennifer went to the Bridal Registry office and got sucked into filling out forms for at least a half hour before she returned to the sales floor. She came back with the gun and a list of things we “Need”, I took the liberty of finding this list online so you can register along at home, Registry Checklist. The list is a bit ridiculous. What newlywed couple has enough space to store all of those things? If we were to receive all of the kitchen items I don’t even think we could fit all of the stuff in our pantry. Also is it really necessary to have three sets of sheets for your bed. I mean seriously we have one set of sheets and when we wash them there is a quick turn around and usually have the sheets back on the bed within two or three hours.

Anyway armed with the registry gun and checklist we began walking around the store and trying to decide what we want to register for. One big problem I have with this is that we are registering for things we already own, they might not be quite as nice, but they seem to be doing the job. I mean we have two sets of plates that serve our non cooking needs really well and it seems silly for us to register for a set of twelve plates. On top of that we are registering for all sorts of cooking things, such as pots and pans. Call me crazy, but spending $500 for a 10 piece cooking set just so I can cook my macaroni and cheese or spaghettio’s, don’t sit right with me. I guess it all just comes back to tradition. Tradition is the driving force behind all wedding planning and it just drives me crazy. Of course the average human only knows a bit about the traditions, but thankfully there are bridal books which help fill you in on traditions, like who should pay for what, who should be invited, when to send out invitations, where the bride sleeps the night before the wedding and on and on. I have come to accept this whole tradition thing even though I will admit it makes me crazy. Either way I love my bride very much and have to say she is doing a wonderful job planning our special day.

Okay I have to hop in the shower, maybe I will have more ranting and raving later.