Gotta Love Working Late Nights

I first want to apologize if it takes a few days before you get any updates or see any photos of Kaleb. The truth of the matter is that I have been working non-stop and on top of that I have started the process of moving things up to my mom’s garage. My days at work pretty much go like this:
10 AM Arrive at work start up my computer and check email.
10:15 AM One of the emails is from somebody asking for assistance.
10:45 AM Return to my desk briefly to check email and update my source code.
11:00 AM Go into the kitchen for a snack and on the way get dragged in to an impromptu meeting.
12:00 PM Return to my desk to check email, and read anything new in my Google Reader.
12:15 PM Lunch time
1:15 PM Return from lunch, check email, update source code and do another local build.
1:30 PM Head to kitchen for chocolate. On way back get called into the boss’ office for discussion.
2:00 PM Return to my desk to check email and see message from engineer who needs assistance.
2:30 PM Back to my desk again and get to install the software before getting bug emails that I need to review.
3:00 PM A scheduled meeting is planned, which runs anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on how side tracked we get.
5:00 PM Finally, I return to my desk and start to pack things up so I can get home in time for dinner.

I don’t know really why my title is Software Engineer, because I don’t seem to do much of it lately. I know being a jack of all trades is a good thing, but seriously I just want to sit in a room for eight hours and get some work done. Oh wait actually I do get to do that, but only after 8PM at home. The second part of my day, when I actually get work done starts at 8PM. I pull up a seat at the dining room and quickly get to working. The only breaks I take occur about once an hour when I creep into the nursery and lean into Kaleb’s crib to make sure he is still breathing. Once I confirm that everything is okay I return to my dining room station and work until about one or two depending on how tired I happen to be and how much work I NEED to get done.

Thankfully a big break in all this madness will be here and I will get to rest. You see at the end of the day on Friday my vacation begins and I am going to be keeping the work computer off for the entire week. No email checking, no phone calls, just the peace and quiet of coastal Maine. I will be using a computer though, but it will be our MacBook and I will be editing all of the movies I have filmed so far this year. I can’t wait!!!!!