Car Buying Experience

I recently bought my third new car.  I usually keep the car for a long time

I researched the one I wanted and then used to find the different price points MSRP, Invoice, good selling price, great selling price.  All of these values were separated by only a couple thousand dollars.

Went to dealership and did a test drive
After test drive sales guy went off to sales manager and after a considerable amount of time he came back with the same price they have listed on the website and $1250 for my car.  I asked for about $1000 less on the car and at least $1500 on my trade in.  The sales guy left and came back with the sales manager who read off several different numbers and offered $250 higher than I asked.  I just agreed and we had a deal.  

Eventually time passed and I got to meet the financing and “add ons” guy. Through all of this they wouldn’t give me an interest rate, and just said they would take care of it later.  The Add on guy had the subaru financing rate of 2.9%, but there was still an independent one he was waiting on.  He tried to get me to just take that one, but I wanted to wait for the other rate to come in.

He then started to sell me the add ons, but only used the monthly price when showing the cost.  I kept turning down all the features and he would ask me why.  I asked about the extended warranty price for more miles and he then revealed the actual price of the warranty as opposed to the monthly price. It helped put it into perspective for me.  At that point he “noticed” that I was a previous Subaru owner and could cut the price in nearly half.  In the end the $2,900 cost of the extended warranty seemed reasonable for me so I bought it.  7yrs/120,000 miles.  At this point the other interest rate came in and it was only 2.49% so I went with it.

The car was then sent out for detailing which took over an hour.  I finally got it back and headed out with the new car.  

The next day I came back to get my registration and a free inspection, but the car failed inspection because my license plate wasn’t reflective enough.  

A week later I went to get it inspected somewhere else and it also failed because of the reflectivity issue, but I also learned that the VIN on the registration didn’t match the car.  I called the dealership and went back in to get it straightened out.  Turns out I had been driving a 2017 instead of 2018, which is what I negotiated and purchased.  The sales guy tried to play it off like they were going to “upgrade” me to a 2018, but well that is what I purchased.  In the end I took the car I had actually purchased and its 9 mile odometer home and left the 2017 model with 650 miles.