Getting Sick

Hello there everybody. It was a fun filled weekend up in Maine, Zach came up and snowboarded with me both days. The weather was okay a little bit cold and yesterday was extra windy, but nothing out of control. I actually telemarked yesterday with Mark and tired myself right out. I was working so hard at it I was actually sweating like rain. Unfortunately I started feeling sick on Saturday and the day of exercise didn’t help any. I got to Jennifer’s last night and we filled out our Oscar guesses (I lost 12-10) and tried to check them off as the show went on, but I fell right asleep. I woke up this morning and didn’t feel any better. All day long I have been in another place my brain seems to have stayed up in Bethel or something because I am having a hard time putting together a complete thought.

This morning I worked at my new job for a few hours. It was interesting to see there systems and ways of doing things. I believe I have my work cut out for me over there, on the bright side I am a very good fit for their group. I am doing split shifts all week. Friday night I think we should all go out to Peking Tom’s in celebration of my last day.