Oh the Humanity

Kaleb: Day 80

In the album above I included some of the more painful moments that Kaleb goes through in the course of a day, such as the painful nose sucking aspirator moments and the occasional poop all the way up his back incidents. Of course there are also the moments not captured like when we have no idea what is wrong and he screams or when we have to change his diaper while he isn’t quite awake yet, which results in lots of screaming. We also had an incident yesterday where he was really tired, but since he is a baby he doesn’t know this, anyway he was screaming and we knew as soon as he went into the Moby he would fal asleep. So we put him in the movie and he was calm, but foolishly we forgot to put an extra layer on him so we had to take him out to put his hoodie on which resulted in an extremely “MadOne”. There is also the removal from bath or shower incidents where he is actually enjoying himself and we must take him out of the warmth and into the cold air. The other diaper related issue is when one of us (generally me) doesn’t put the diaper on correctly and the wetness gets all over the place.

So while at first it may seem like being a baby is the best thing ever, because you don’t have to do anything but sleep, in reality it is a lot more difficult than it appears.

Now for more house information. The house we are currently under agreement on is at 5 South Pleasant Street in Merrimac, MA . It is a dead end street, in a historic district, within two blocks of the Merrimack River. If you saw the virtual tour yesterday then you saw that it has a really funky layout. It has a good sized backyard that is bordered by wetlands and a preserve so there isn’t much chance of new neighbors behind us. We have a home inspection planned for Friday morning, so hopefully we will have some more photos. If all goes well we will be closing at the end of July.