The Week Begins

The week has begun and I successfully made it through an entire day of work without actually doing work. Hooray for me. I was actually feeling a bit under the weather today so it is good that I didn’t really have to flex my brain too much. My weekend finally caught up with me and I have been paying for it all day. Oh I can’t forget to mention the fact that I was almost attacked by a dog today on my way to work. A guy was walking his dog off the leash like everybody always does and it got all nasty and started barking at me. Now don’t get me wrong I love dogs, but if there is a sign that says keep your dog on a leash, follow the rules. I had more stuff to say, but can’t seem to remember it right now.

Keeping with my recent personal pact I have recorded another music video this week. I can’t say this was easy and it is by no means perfect especially the end of the chorus, but I think it is okay. It took me about fifty takes to actually get one or two good versions. My biggest problem seemed to be remembering the two different verses because they are so damn similar. I hope you enjoy them and I am looking for suggestions for next week’s song.Help by the Beatles I have also included an out take from one of the many failed takes I recorded. Help Out Take One more thing I understand that these may be bad recordings and I am just embarrassing myself, but well that is the purpose of the good old livejournal.