Random Dream

I had a strange dream last night and I am going to try and type as much as I remember for you right now:

When the dream started I was in the middle of the desert and trying to warn some people about an impending RPG attack by some terrorists. I yelled and screamed, but they couldn’t hear me, shortly thereafter the rocket turned into a small helicopter, like a drone, and I grabbed it and tried to turn it around and aim it at the terrorists. It did work, but my hands were cut up badly by the blades of the helicopter.

Next scene. Kate and I are running from some government agency, because we work for the agency, but have not followed some protocol. We are in the Boston area running around and avoiding getting caught. Eventually we run into my brother and need to find a place to stay for the night. Kate knew of some random house in Cambridge that lets people spend the night their for free with no questions asked. It was some sort of Hassidic Jew community house next to several other community houses of a similar nature. While in the house we needed to avoid emailing and using cell phones because the government would find us in two seconds. We then realized my brother could safely return home since as far as the goverment agency knew he wasn’t involved. In the morning we woke up and were running through the streets and eventually through a mall to get my brother back home.

Final scene. I am now in the future at some subterranean lab where you can tell that science experiments are going on behind the scenes. I am with two other people, but I don’t know who they are. Apparently I was aware of the fact that they had once been killed and are now living. The scientist goes on to explain a process where they have been able to bring people back to life and then implant memories into their brain. Some shooting went on and then I woke up, it was very strange. I wish I could remember all of the details, because it would have been a fantastic tv show or movie.

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