30 degrees?!?!

Yep thats right the temperature actually got up over 30 degrees in Maine yesterday. It was the perfect day to be skiing and I was right in the middle of it. I left Somerville on Thursday night and made it safely up to Bethel by midnight. The ride was uneventful except for the lack of an open supermarket after 10PM in Windham and the slowest gas pump in the world in Bridgton. On Friday I woke up early and threw on a bunch of layers to prepare for the single digit temperatures. To stay warm I telemarked and actually made it until two in the afternoon. My legs were really sore and as a reward I bought myself a nice Pat’s Pizza. Jen (from the spy house) and I worked on the Wizard of Oz puzzle that Mark and Kate had started. After four hours we finished the puzzle, see the pictures in the slideshow. I went to Sud’s at eight after falling asleep on the couch. On Saturday Kate and I went up to the mountain and skied the entire day together. The weather was great and the conditions were even better. For dinner we went to the chinese restaurant and it was so yummy. I got them to edit meal number 18 and they substituted mushrooms for the broccoli. A fantastic meal!!! We drove around for a little while and then went back to the house where we watched television. I ended up watching a PBS show about the influenza epidemic of 1918, unfortunately I never got to watch the conclusion. The Grizzly was okay, we got there early and just sat watching people play pool. It then became too crowded and loud so we left around 11. Yesterday I woke up super early and was on the mountain a little after eight. I skied by myself for the entire morning before meeting everybody at the Peak Lodge. We skied until 2:30 and then ate lunch. Lunch was rather eventful and comical from the goggle wearing to the straw flipping. We even learned an interesting tidbit about Amy and New Year’s Eve ;o)

Last night I drove back home in average time and was able to find a parking space very easily. Afterwards I walked over to Jennifer’s and made some crazy cheese quesadillas. If anybody has suggestions on exactly how to make them let me know.

Sunday River Slideshow