Jeekers Creepers

I just got back from Starbucks, where I received and unexpected glance from everybody near me when I ordered an iced coffee. Normally ordering such an icy beverage on May 26th wouldn’t elicit much of a reaction, but given the current cold weather snap, that has been May in Boston, people shook their heads in confusion. Luckily I was quick on my feet and joked that it is only a few more weeks until spring starts, oops I mean summer. Phew I made it out of that one unscathed.

Well the 2004-2005 television season officially ended last night with Vaughn telling Sydney he was not really Vaughn, just before they were sideswiped. ABC did a good job this year of keeping lots of things up in the air, Lost was out of control, we basically learned nothing and were only more confused at the conclusion of its finale. Now I just have to wait four months to be teased a little bit more. I am looking forward to having my mornings and nights free and I am sure my VCR is looking forward to some much needed rest.

On Tuesday night Andy, Mark and I went to see Star Wars at Loews Boston Common. We showed up a half hour before the show and weren’t able to find any seats together or apart for that matter and were forced to sit in the second row. Needless to say it was an interesting, neck bending experience. We sat through around 12 previews which took about 25 minutes before the movie started. As the words scrolled up the screen in typical Star Wars fashion we were so close we had to turn our heads back and forth, as if we were watching a tennis match. I did enjoy the movie and look forward to seeing it again with my neck in line with my torso and not tilted at a 60% angle from vertical.

Sitting in the second row made me think how seating is one of those situations where the definition of good is relative to the event or object. At a concert second row is fantastic, same with a sporting event, but not when it comes to the movies. Another one that goes either way is riding on a bus, apparently in the time of segregation the back was a bad place to be, but ask any kid on a school bus and he will tell you that is where all of the cool kids sit. Its similar to beverages, you want a coffee to be hot unless its iced coffee in which case you want it to be really cold. Milk needs to be cold, soda cold, tea hot, soup hot. It is amazing how much preference can be so different among such similar types of situations. Just a thought!!