New Womens Vibrating Razor

Jennifer and I were in Brooks Pharmacy the other day and came across the new Venus Vibrance razor for women. I think Gillette maybe trying to expand into a different line of business. Okay now stop and think for a few seconds about what I am getting at. I can’t imagine the designers didn’t immediately think of the dual usage their razor might have. Okay I am late for work but wanted to share this observation.

Venus Vibrance

Here’s the official press release from Gillette on the Venus Vibrance
Venus Vibrance is the world’s most technologically advanced women’s razor. Utilizing the advanced technology that Gillette pioneered with the introduction of the M3Power men’s razor at retail in May 2004, Venus Vibrance delivers gentle pulses to the shaving cartridge to provide the closest, smoothest Venus shave ever.

Venus Vibrance also features Gillette’s proprietary Comfort-Coated blades, which provide the closest shave for women. In addition, new Moisture Glide´┐Ż strips provide a gentle and smooth shave.

Venus Vibrance will be available in North America early next spring in food, drug, convenience and mass merchandise stores. The shaving system, which includes the refillable razor, one cartridge, storage compact and an AAA Duracell battery, will retail for approximately $9.99 - $11.99. A package of four refill cartridges will retail for approximately $9.99 - $11.99.