Two Parties, One Day

I took this picture on the way to work today, gotta love a daytime moon.

It was quite a busy day yesterday with two parties, one an ice cream sundae party at work and the second a tea party for Nissa’s triumphant return to the Bury. The ice cream party was great. We had Brigham’s, which meant Big Dig ice cream and some fantastic toppings. I ended up making a web site for the whole group to check out. You will see in the pictures how everybody once again lined right up for their free ice cream.
Ice Cream Party Slideshow

I went home and played the guitar for a little while and Travis stopped by to give me a hard time, he refuses to quick. I guess he should at least be admired for his persistence. I then went over to Ry’s for the Tea Party. I arrived to see the latex warning and went inside to find the house decorated with tea bags, streamers, hats, buckles, a tea bag covered vase and a small ship. It was a great time and I got a bunch of great candid shots and also some posed shots for a change. It was great to see Nissa, for the first time since May.
Tea Party Slideshow

Question of the Day #5
Due to the recent press about false information involving Iraq , a 368.6 billion dollar cost and post-war soldier deaths, I figured I would go with a serious question today. Do you think we should have gone to war with Iraq, why or why not?