Merry Christmas!!!!!

Yes the merry day is upon us already. I have had quite the day from a rather relaxed and boring day at work to crazy funny ringing in Christmas at Miss Nissa Perrot’s house. Since you all know my work is extra boring I will start at the point where I got off the train in Salem and ran in the rain to my car. I quickly jetted in my Jetta to my Dad’s house in The ‘Bury. It was great to see everybody over there since it is such a rarity for me to visit. I got to see his pictures from Las Vegas and more importantly the Hoover Dam, can’t wait to check out the dam. I finally got some digital pics of my dad and I and even some one with Brendan, how very festive. Okay need to keep moving. Dad’s Christmas Eve Slideshow

Next stop 39R to visit the other half of the family. You gotta love those split up families nothing like adding extra stress to your holidays. Lots of people there which always makes things extra fun. As you can see from the pictures we went crazy and basically did a ton of things including eating a lot of food: meatballs, lunchable type cracker sandwiches, chocolate, veggies and dip and soda pop. Becky showed up and then the hits kept coming with a visit from OJ and the Emoster (haven’t seen that kid in ages). At one point we called Vanessa at home and put her on spearkerphone so she could chat it up with all of us. Check this out —>
Vanessa on speakerphone with her grandmother singing Croatian Christmas carolsWe continued with our fun and then moved the party to Nissa’s house. 39R Christmas Eve Slideshow

I finally saw Nissa for the first time since the summer, which was nice. There was an adult party going on along with a smaller kid party well smaller until we showed up. Of course with Ry, Emily, Becky, Britt and me adding to the kids party it was bound to change. We enjoyed catching up for a little while before a little gift exchanging. It was very chill and once again a good time was had by all. The holidays are so great in that you just end up seeing people you really like spending time with and have only few commitments which allows you to have some quality time. I stayed there for a while and then drove all the way back to Salem. Yes I know I could have stayed in The ‘Bury, but I just wanted to go back water my tree, shower in the morning, change into new clothes and sleep in my own bed. Nissa’s Christmas Eve Slideshow

Okay thats it for now. Vanessa, I hope you enjoyed the picture and the video clip. Fingers crossed for the gift you really want, I guess the LJ scene will see very soon.